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Sol Mate Autoflower


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A Feminized Autoflower seed for those that need their cannabis sooner than later! The Sol Mate Auto will put out the weight and the buds leave nothing to be desired! We noticed that the trichome production rivaled indoor flower even when grown outdoors! The taste is like nothing we’ve ever seed in photoperiod type cannabis, reminding us of ripe cherimoya and even durian with a fuel after burn. Autos can be ideal when planted between full season plants for a bonus harvest, a balcony or closet. We fully endorse these autos for large scale cultivators as well! Unlike a regular strain which will flower when light starts to wain in the fall, an auto will start flowering no matter what after about 30 days of life, good conditions in the early stages are critical for production. Sol Mate Auto will get you through the tough times whether you’re a hobbyist wanting to grow your own in a easily manageable way or have a big crop come in early without the hassle of light deprivation.


GENETICS: Headband Auto x Solstice Auto Bx3
% Indica/Sativa: 55% 45%
TYPE(S/H/I): Hybrid
Smell: Sweet and Gassy / Very Pungent / High Terpene Content 
Flavors: A truly unique set of terpenes with an uplifting effect!
Appearance:  Gorgeous Green Flowers, Chosen for Trichome Density 
Effects: A wonderful relaxing high, great all day
Flowering Time: 55 Days flowering 90 Days from germination
THC% Avg. 17-22 CBD% ND CBG% ND THCV% ?
Growth: Amazingly Vigorous, Density: Very Dense