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Now you can have the best of both worlds with our Feminized Magic Melon Autoflower! Probably the easiest strain to grow in our catalog, this autoflower produces amazing buds exactly three months after seed sprout, no matter what the light cycle happens to be. Combining the flavor of our highly acclaimed Magic Melon strain with the ease and vigor of an auto makes this an obvious choice for any type of grower who wants a lot of bud really quickly. With all auto varieties it is important to remember that conditions need to be favorable for growth (warm and sunny) throughout the life cycle of the plant, particularly the early veg stage. Autos do not like to be root bound and may flower early if roots feel constrained. We’ve been hard at work improving autoflower genetics and our Magic Melon auto is finally, absolutely, just as gorgeous as any full season type strain! Experience the ease and production of autoflowers from your trusted source!


A Feminized Autoflower seed for those that need their cannabis sooner than later! We put this strain together out of popular demand for an auto although we think the assumption that autos are easier to cultivate compared to regular photo-period strains is a bit off. These plants want ideal conditions throughout growth so that they can produce enough flower in the 90 days that you can expect the plant to grow before harvest. That said, autos can be ideal when planted between full season plants for a bonus harvest and they are also perfect for the low-profile backyard grower. Unlike a regular strain which will flower when light starts to wain in the fall, an auto will start flower no matter what after about 30 days of life, so it’s early stages are critical for production. Plant outside when its warm, in good soil with full sun or plant indoors in ideal conditions under 18 hrs. light for entire life cycle. It’s ideal to plant autoflower seeds in the soil that they will finish in and transplanting too often should be avoided.

GENETICS: Magic Melon Auto x Solstice Auto Bx3
% Indica/Sativa: 55% 45%
TYPE(S/H/I): Hybrid
Smell: Sweet Melon and Funky Fuel / Very Pungent / High Terpene Content 
Flavors: Similar to our Magic Melon photoperiod type 
Appearance:  Gorgeous Green Flowers, Chosen for Trichome Density 
Effects: A wonderful relaxing high, great all day
Flowering Time: 55 Days flowering 90 Days from germination
THC% Avg. 17-22 CBD% ND CBG% ND THCV% ?
Growth: Incredibly Vigorous, Density: Dense