Midnight Wedding Autoflower


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Midnight wedding – wedding cake auto x Midnight auto
Midnight wedding is an autoflowering cannabis seed that represents a true breeding masterpiece. The autoflowering version of the spectacular and scrumptious Wedding Cake crossed with our delicious midnight auto is coated in a thick sugary white layer that will blow you away.
Midnight wedding releases a sweet and earthy scent with touches of vanilla and Skunk undertones mixed with a hint of berry’s. Her flavour is reminiscent of a delicious summer berry cake. The effect produced by this strain is quite dangerous due to her high 24% THC level, you’ll plunge into a state of full body and mind relaxation. You’ll feel totally calm and happy, but watch out, because if you overdo it you can end up feeling completely sluggish!
Suitable both Indoors and outdoor
Life cycle – 70-75 days
Indoor yield – 500 g/m2
Outdoor yield – 750 g/plant
THC – 24%
Mold resistance – high
Pest resistance – high
Flowering Time – 63 – 70 days
Sex  – Feminised
Flowering Type – Autoflowering