The Spice! (FEM)




Straight from “The Refinery” at Twenty20, this strain was developed for all you gas lovers out there! The complex terpene profile can only be explained as a melange of pungent spices directly from the kitchen cabinet;  Most notably anise, cloves, cinnamon, and nutmeg. This is one of those rare situations where bag appeal, yield, fragrance, and potency all join together in a force to be reckoned with.

From the Breeder:

Immediately after our first experiments with biscotti, we knew the perfect match for her. Biscotti scores a home run in the terpene category but proved to be lacking in potency, bag appeal and yield. We also found her to be lacking viability in commercial greenhouse cultivation. We experimented by crossing the biscotti with one of our chosen males of the whip. The results were mind-boggling. Super uniform phenotypes with thick oozing trichomes, and nauseating gaseous aromas that fill every corner of every room of a house.  The phenotypic variation on this strain is about as low as we have ever seen before.

From the Grower:

A uniform, robust, fast flowering version of biscotti is the best way to explain this strain. Compared to the Biscotti, The Spice ripens a week or two faster, it yields one and a half times more, and it is much more resistant to mold and fungal pathogens. Expect an average amount of stretch and an average amount of required trellising.  The strain has proven to do great
in greenhouses and indoor and is currently undergoing full term outdoor tests for
the 2020 season.

Type: Indica/Sativa Hybrid Feminized

Lineage: Biscotti x The Whip! (reversed)

Yield: Average to Above Average

Flower Time: 7-8 Weeks