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A personal favorite, these are some of the biggest plants I have ever grown! When grown well each of her branches is larger than some individual autoflowers, with the yields to match! The strawberry, stomper, gas, and cookie mash up results in extremely potent and heady flower that is quite tough to put down. Her effects are uplifting, stimulating, and joyful making her perfect for daytime use, social situations, and creative endeavors. This is another absolute beauty of a plant that I would recommend to any and everyone to try out. Extremely forgiving to new growers and incredibly rewarding to old growers, she does not disappoint!

The Popesicle mom used in this cross was two selected for pollination out of sixteen. Both were unbelievably branchy, absolutely covered in colas, and coated in resin! The difference came to the color and terp profile of each plant. For this release the green mother was used, as she exemplified the scents and flavors best associated to the Popesicle and her Stomper lineage, a gassy grape and blueberry funk powerhouse.

The Cookie Smasher reversal was such an outstanding plant in all ways. Incredible room filling strawberry goodness poured out of her with the slightest disturbance of her branchy frame. Resin rails on the leaves and trichomes on the stems made her a standout through all the reversal process, and was exactly what I look for in the perfect Cookie Smasher.