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When you get to breed a strain for Slightly Stoopid, you get right on it. While choosing the genetics we felt like we were making music in the studio with the band and we treated it with that reverence. On the tour bus we discovered front man Kyle McDonald loves that Sweet Sweet Sensi. We embarked on our own breeding tour to capture genetics that embody the beach vibes they bless their crowds with. Papaya, Guava Jelly and a hint of Mango are flavors that Stoopid Fruits will bring to your garden or garage this year. We’ve played Slightly Stoopid on our farm for years, so our genetics knew just what to do. You’ll ride waves of huge nugs as Stoopid Fruits outgrows your expectations!

Our new strain Collie Man Kush travels the rocky road, carries the heavy load, and definitely has got that Sensi Herb. Stoked was an understatement when we found out we got to breed two strains for Slightly Stoopid (see Stoopid OG) and when it comes to blazing one up, front man Kyle McDonald likes that Sweet Sweet Sensi (notes from their tour bus). So, we embarked on a breeding tour of our own to capture genetics likened to the tropical fruit flavors that embody the beach vibes the band blesses their crowds with. Papaya, Guava Jelly, and a hint of Mango are the flavors that Collie Man Kush will bring to your garden, or garage, this year. Our farm has had Slightly Stoopid playing in the trim rooms for years, so our genetics reacted well to this project. Before you know it, you’ll be riding waves of huge nugs as your Collie Man Kush outgrows your expectations. Fire up a joint and que up the tunes with Collie Man Kush in the house.

GENETICS: Apricot Papaya x Strawberry Dream Queen
% Indica/Sativa: 20% 80%
TYPE(S/H/I): Sativa Dominant
Smell: Literally smells like sweet papayas, strawberries and mango
Flavors: Uncanny tropical fruit with a hint of cool cucumber slices
Appearance:  Lime Green, Trichome Forests, Papaya colored pistils  
Effects: Uplifting and happy, possibly Slightly Stoopid
Harvest Planning: 50 Days September 20 – Oct 5

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Collie Man Kush
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Apricot Papaya
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Strawberry Dream Queen