Star Killer (fem) Prohibition Genetics


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Indica Dominant 9 – 10 weeks 23-29% THC Low (<2%) Relaxing / Euphoric / Sleepy Pine / Limonene / Earthy Alpha Pinene / Myrcene / Humele / Delta 3 Carene / Linalool / Caryophyllene oxide / Beta Pinene / Limonene / Caryophyllene 350 to 400 grams/plant Indoor / 450 grams/plant Outdoor
Star Killer by is a regular cannabis seed that has its origins in the crossing of a Skywalker OG Kush and an RD #2. The Star Killer strain develops a small to medium sized but very stable indica-dominant marijuana plant that produces generous crops of large, compact and resinous buds in a remarkably short time. Look forward to dense, purple-colored buds! Overall, the plant is a bit stockier than her OG sisters.
Lovers of true OG quality will get their money’s worth! The cannabis plant can be ideally grown indoors in small spaces, as the plant only grows from rather small stature. Outdoors, the hemp plant then thrives magnificently when planted in a warm, Mediterranean climate or in a greenhouse. So the plant thrives in both indoor and outdoor growing. Star Killer likes it cozy and warm but not hot. Neither does it appreciate too high a PH level in the soil.
The taste and aroma of Star Killer comes to the fore with hints of lemon, exotic woods and fuel notes.
The weed will provide you with a powerful and physically relaxing effect of long duration!
Medicinal uses: Pain relief, insomnia, chemotherapy, gastrointestinal problems, HIV patients, PTSD.
60-70 days flowering time.
Indica/Sativa % : 70/30