Quikz 6ct Fems

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Mother: Cereal Milk
Reversal: Red Runtz
Family: 70/30 Indica
Sex: Feminized
Growing Conditions: Multi-Topped Bush/Sea Of Green
Height: Med
Flowering Time: 56-63 Days
Yield: Heavy
Pack Size: 6 Seeds

Description: If you’ve ever had an ice cold strawberry milk, then you will know exactly what you are smelling when this Quikz face slaps you in your room. Not only is she stalky and sturdy, but she will stay nice and squat without the chance of getting out of control height wise. During the last 2 weeks the colors come in full effect and begin to fade to beautiful colors of the rainbow with even better smells. My favorite gal smelled like an icy glass of strawberry milk, but other phenos ranged from fruity pebbles milk left in a cereal bowl, to crunch berries with milk. If you drink the fruity milk from your cereal after the bowl is killed, then this Quikz is definitely for you!!!