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Powder Cakes
Wedding Cake X Freshies*
*Animal Cookies X OGKB X OGKB X Ultraviolet OG

18 seeds per pack


Flavor: You’ll find most of these plants expressing these three flavor themes.
1. Powdered vanilla doughnut cakes dripped with petrol, pine-sol and industrial lemon cleaner.
2. Deep purple gassy lemon cookie cake tarts.
3. Funnel cakes with berry sauce

Potency: THC is high, with some phenotypes that have noticeable amounts of CBG. Brace yourself for
the trace levels of CBG, paired with the THC, to deliver a knockout punch.

Effects: Hands down, these are in the mid-to-high 20% THC realm. About 24-29% THC is to be expected,
but 30% overall cannabinoids should be effortlessly attained.

Ease of growth: Some may be slower to begin, with brief internode spacing, awesome stacking, but once
you get it into flower, you’ll find it filling in easily and producing Short internode spacing, great stacking,
some might be slow to start, but once you kick it into flower, you’ll see it fill in nicely and yield pretty

Other Notes: These plants produce wild resin rails fit for a glossy magazine shoot.

Reference: Powder on the mountain for catching white waves on the ski slopes.