Pineapple XX 9ct Fems

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Pineapple XX (Cinderella 99 Pineapple female x C99 female pollen donor) was created to satisfy all the nostalgic growers and smokers who remember the “original C99” as compared to the current Cinderella XX as being more Sativa dominant and pineapple flavored. Expect frosty, tight buds with foxtails and especially strong pineapple aroma terpenes. Your whole flowering room will smell like a Dole plantation.

Seedlings should be 6-8 weeks old before flowering. Pistils should all be withered and the resin heads have all gone cloudy/milky at harvest time.

These plants are Sativa-dominant. Lanky as seedlings and tall at harvest time, however clones from these plants will stay more compact.

You immediately smell pineapple wafting through the air when you open a jar of cured buds. And when you light it up, that fruity flavor hits your taste buds, you smile and exhale and your mind is flooded with smooth, strong and energetic waves of pleasure.

Pineapple XX is a fast-flowering plant needing plenty of light and nutrients. She also likes extra cal/mag. The structure of these plants is well suited to netting. Commercial growers will find that they can grow these plants tightly spaced and get impressive yields for a Sativa.

We harvest 4-5 ounces of primo buds from a 48-inch-tall plant.

Above-average yield.

Flowering Time: 56-60 days.

9 Female Seeds per pack!