Mountaintop Mint 10 fem

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Humboldt Seed Company is known for stabilized seed that produces uniform plants which all have terpenes fitting for their strain names. Often cannabis breeders make one off crosses of recently popularized strains and then put them up for sale and in that case, whether the customer is aware or not, they have purchased a phenotype hunt. We do tease these “seed companies” but we also admit that phenotype hunts are fun and often fruitful! Frosted Mints is a relatively new genetic for us that performed so well in 2019 that we elevated it to a full breeding effort in 2020 and are excited to release this pheno-hunt seed line in our 2021 catalog! Expect insane mint terpenes that you never thought would be present in cannabis and a mind numbing knock out effect. Trichome and terpene production was amazing in this strain and had us thinking of Swiss Alps and Ricola commercials. High THC and a long flowering cycle make for productive plants that will go a long way towards your cannabis EnjoyMint.

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GENETICS: The Bling x Mac Mints
% Indica/Sativa: 50% 50%
TYPE(S/H/I): Hybrid
Smell: Spearmint Candy with a Skunky Finish 
Flavors: Mint and Menthol, Hashy
Appearance: Huge green frosty buds with purple leaflets, sturdy vigorous plants
Effects: Intense Ethereal High
Harvest Planning: Mid-Season Oct 5th to Oct 25th th
Growth: High yielding, flowers are dense, very trichome covered and productive
Average Cannabinoids*: Total 30-33% THC 26-30% CBG .5-1% CBD .1%
Performance: Greenhouse / High, Dep / High, Outdoor / High, Indoor / R&D stage