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Introducing Midnight Slurry Fast Photoperiod: the exquisite result of crossing Midnight Auto with Slurricane. Prepare to be captivated by its visually stunning qualities – expect bright green buds that are almost ethereal, adorned with a delicate, trichome-covered surface and a captivating dark purple hue on the calyxes.

But that’s not all – the high from Midnight Slurry is a true marvel. It begins with an invigorating, euphoric buzz that floods your senses with boundless happiness while effortlessly banishing any negative thoughts. As the experience unfolds, a soothing wave of relaxation gradually takes over, leading you into a state of utter contentment and serenity. Prepare to be enchanted by the couch-lock effect that ensues, rendering you blissfully immobile for hours on end.
The name “Midnight Slurry” holds true to the essence of this extraordinary strain, encompassing both its striking appearance and the whirlwind of effects it bestows upon its lucky consumers.
Genotype – photo sensitive hybrid/ fast version photoperiod
Lineage – Slurricane X Midnight auto auto
THC – 22 – 24%
Flower time- 6 – 8 weeks
Grow method – indoor/outdoor
Yield- High
Resistance to mold – High
Resistance to pests – High
Medical value – Very high
Taste – sweet grape and blackberries
Effect – Relaxing, Creative
Short version fast photoperiod strains are perfect for growers who want to ensure that their outdoor crop is safely harvested and hanging to dry as early as possible in the season. With this type of seed, cultivators can have the best characteristics of both types of seed, with the hybrid vigour of photoperiod seeds alongside the ridiculously fast flowering times of automatic plants. This enables outdoor growers to pull off big harvests ahead of the rest, not only beating the bad weather in early autumn but also making sure they keep one step ahead of nosey neighbours, over-enthusiastic police or potential weed thieves.