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Mango Sherbert Fem 10



Mango and Sherbert must have been destined to meet at the Humboldt Seed Co. breeding facility in Easter Humboldt. When it comes to pairing strains our breeding coordinator is the one of the best in the biz and when we found the Sherbert we knew that the Mango Mama could work her magic in a way that honors the Sherbert’s smooth flavor and mellow sweetness.  Expect much larger plants compared to the Sherbert cut covered in the fuzzy trichomes you are used to from the strain. Light green buds with orange hairs that smell like mango nectar sherbert with a hint of whip cream and a strawberry on top. Effects are relaxing but won’t make you pass out, making it a great afternoon strain. May be helpful with tight muscles, stress and anxiety.

Indica Dominant Hybrid 75% 25%– Mango Creamy Strawberry Scent– deeply relaxing  yet elevating effects – F2
 Big Circle – Sherbert
Medium Circle – Mango Kush
Little Circle – Mango Mama
50 days, Sep. 20 – Oct.5




Myrcene 2.2 mg/g
Limonene 2.2 mg/g
Bisabolol 2.0 mg/g
Pinene 1.0 mg/g
Humulene 0.8 mg/g
Terpinolene 0.2 mg/g
Carene 0.2 mg/g
Cynene 0.2 mg/g
THC 19-25% CBD  .06%