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Lunar Stomper by G.O.A.T GENETICS is a remarkable sativa-leaning autoflower strain born from the fusion of two legendary auto strains, Midnight Auto and Forum Stomper from Mephisto Genetics. Known for its medium growth stature and impressive yields, this strain is a favorite among cultivators seeking quality and quantity in their harvests. The plant showcases tight bud spacing, resulting in dense purple buds that glisten with resinous trichomes. Lunar Stomper delights the senses with its distinct aroma and flavor profile, featuring notes of sour berries, spice, and mint that create a truly unforgettable experience for cannabis enthusiasts.

Taste – sour berries, spice, mint
THC – 20 – 24%
Yield- very high
Size – Medium, bushy
Flowering – 75 – 90 days from seed
Grow- Indoor/Outdoor
Gender – Feminized
Genetics – Midnight auto x Forum Stomper