Los Pepe’s F1 Omuerta Genetix 11 Regular seeds

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Bred for extremely high tolerance patients and collectors. We grew out a few Ethos Genetics Gorilla Glue #4-s1 plants to full term and chose our keeper female by clone. She is solid and has had no issues past being a bit of a slow grower in vegetative state, but as a finished product the GG4 absolutely reeks of rubber with an almost Chemdog nose after curing. She hits HARD and is a classic couch lock body stone with a very satisfactory taste and instant head and body stone. The aroma the dried flower puts off almost stings the nose like a waft of ammonia on rubber and funk. Not off putting at all but just enough to warn the consumer of the power locked in the smallest of flowers.

Omuerta Genetix takes the revision of our strains even more seriously then creating new ones. We feel a properly vetted out strain has been grown out multiple times and inbred into the best versions of itself by use of eugenics and pro-biotic techniques to let the genetics fully express under as natural conditions as we can provide without manipulation. Through observations and meeting a strict quality control benchmark, we select from a large pool of generational master seeds and breed to further refine our best strains into Flagships, This was the case while working with our “Thousand Oaks” and revising it into an F4 IBL version. Thousand Oaks still ranks as a personal favorite of mine and many others now, who enjoy her across the world thanks to refining the genetics and producing large numbers of seeds for each of our projects.

Merging the two strains into one very hard hitting, sleep providing,drool inducing, resin producing and Dick Kicking Glue hybrids available on the market today.

Los Pepe’s has some stretch to her but she fills in with the most sweet but sickly smelling rotten fruit scent. The effects are instantly felt to the head and last. Finishes with shades of purples and greens and brilliant red pistils.