Lime 1 x Grape Soda Skunk) x (Grape Ape x Lime Pop 25ct Regs

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(Lime 1 x Grape Soda Skunk) x (Grape Ape x Lime Pop)

This mashup from Freeborn Selections is a great blend that captures the wild expression of loud terps so well known to come from Jackson. Both these varieties have very potent expressions of grape and lime terps. The Grape Ape x Lime Pop has the really pungent grape/lime combo and the (Lime 1 x Grape Soda Skunk) has grape/lime but with that pungent skunky funk in there too. Together the grape and sour lime combo dominate terpene profiles with some skunky earthy undertones. This cross tests in around 16% THC and 2 % CBD, putting it in the category of great feeling weed, which is all about the entourage effect of the terpenes and cannabinoids.

If you’re looking for Freeborn genetics and can’t find them anywhere, this is a great cross to get your hands on…