LA VIOLENCIA Omuerta Genetix 11 Regular seeds


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La Violencia was named for the ten-year civil war that raged in Colombia from 1948 to 1958, between the conservative party and the liberal party, fought mainly in the countryside.

La Violencia was considered to have begun with the 9 April 1948 assassination of a liberal party presidential candidate. His murder provoked the Bogata rioting that lasted for ten hours and killed some 5,000 people. Rural town police and political leaders encouraged Conservative-supporting peasants to seize the agricultural lands of Liberal-supporting peasants, which provoked peasant-to-peasant violence throughout Colombia and is estimated to have cost the lives of at least 200,000 people.
Our original run Gratefulbreath (OGKB x Joseph Og) by Gage Green and dosed her with Omuerta’s Thousand Oaks F4 IBL stud male. Two of the legends combined into one ultimate strain. The Gratefulbreath has been used to produce many impressive offshoot cultivars by a pool of different breeders, including Omuerta,and the expectations are very high that La Violencia becomes a fast favorite with Omuerta Soldierz.1