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Kali Snapple Bx2- (Kali Snapple [Kali Mist x Pineapple/SnowBud] x Kali Snapple bx1 [kali Snapple x Kali Snapple/Consumption])-

Kali Snapple is one of Dynasty Genetics’  “clone only” cornerstones and the Bx2 is closet representation to the mom. She produces large resinous buds that reek of pineapple, fermented fruit, rotten meat, gas with a sweet hazy undertone. The effects come on with a nearly instant onset, beginning with a cerebral wave of euphoria followed up with a pleasant body sensation that’s long lasting, and tends to work well for nerve pains.

Kali Snapple is a unique chemotype in the genepool with Ocimene isomer as the dominant terpene, which is the case with the majority of the genepool in the bx2. (Cbg is also fairly high with the Ocimene dominant chemotypes).

Plants tend to grow with a bushy structure that’ll often end up as wide as they are tall and may require staking and/or scrogging for best results. She’s a super star with pests and shows high resistance to PM, bugs and bud rot.

Expect 2-3x stretch & 9-11wk bloom time