Humboldt Pound Cake


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Our new Humboldt Pound Cake line has a perfectly balanced high and dynamic taste. The Phenotype Mega Hunt winner that can be credited for this creation had chunky buds that were dripping resin and with glistening trichomes, almost like a freshly iced slice of pound cake. We were initially hesitant to breed with Wedding Cake due to some experiences with herms, but when we crossed her with Notorious THC and discovered this phenotype that didn’t have that issue we couldn’t stay away. Although we had great experiences with this cultivar in our full-term R&D, don’t forget to keep your eyes out for any issues, always better safe than sorry! We know most growers are down to risk it for the biscuit when it comes to high THC Wedding Cake, just take a look at Cali’s 2020 weed market. Humboldt Pound Cake’s buds are as aromatically striking as they are visually enticing. With rich earthy flavors, and tangy almost sour notes this line has a uniquely satisfying terpene profile. The high with this indica-dominant hybrid hits quickly, and is accompanied by uplifting and euphoric effects.

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GENETICS: Notorious THC x Wedding Cake
% Indica/Sativa: 60% Indica 40% Sativa
TYPE(S/H/I): Hybrid
Smell:  Rich, Tangy, Fuel
Flavors: Cake Batter, Smooth, Sweet, Earthy
Appearance: Denese green buds with purple tones
Effects: Euphoric, Uplifted, Relaxed
Phenos: Some Variation
Harvest Planning: 65-75 Days Oct. 15th – 25th
Growth: Massive sturdy plants with large dense buds
Average Cannabinoids*: Total 30-34% THC 25%-30% 
Performance: Greenhouse / High, Dep / High, Outdoor / High, Indoor / R&D stage

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