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Strain Name: Honey Badger Haze
Brand: Dynasty Genetics
Landrace,F1,F2, Selfed,Polyhybrid etc

  • Stabilized Polyhybrid

Lineage: C99/WW x Ms.Universe #10

Parental InformationThe C99/WW (F1) Mom is an amazingly easy to grow, potent plant with an incredible terpene profile.. It has a very strong odor of skunky citrus. This mother combined perfectly with the Ms.Universe #10 to create a hard hitting sativa…

Dad-The Ms.Universe #10 has an extremely high thc content, but is a very functional and long-lasting medicine… The #10 male carries a DessTar(Starship x KaliMist) Dominancy which brings the disco balls(aka resin glands) to the party, as well as a extra coating of frosting and sweet essence of fruit, caramel and spices…..

Indica/Sativa % Sativa Dominant

Feminized Seeds? No

Indoor / Outdoor

  • Indoor
  • Outdoor
  • Greenhouse

Bloom Length:[indent]9-10wk[/indent]# of Phenotypes?[indent]4[/indent]Describe each phenotype expression:[indent]Honey Badger Haze is an easy to grow sativa with a spectacular terpene profile that will make you salivate upon the first whiff.. Haze expressions are more predominant with pheno #1 & #2.. 9-10 weeks is typical for most phenos, but they can vary depending on environmental factors..

Pheno #1 (25%)- Leaning towards the mother, this pheno provides the most smell out of the group with terps ranging from peaches, honey with undertones of pine, Lemon/lime and haze..

Pheno #2 (30%)- Ms.Universe dominant, this pheno is ripe around 9weeks with extreme trichome density.. Smells from this lady are much more subtle than #1 Pheno, with smells of honey/caramel, vanilla being predominant and slight undertones of lemon, haze and pine..

Pheno #3 (25%)- 60/40 pheno (slightly Ms.U dom) that has a nice blend of both parents.. Cherry, vanilla with undertones of lime, haze and a slight hint of fuel..

Pheno #4 (20%) – 50/50 pheno that has best of both worlds, with a lemon/lime smells and undertones of sweet fruit (cherry/berry) and vanilla.. Very intricate terpenes and a spectacular heady buzz.. ALthough it’s more rare than the others, it’s typical to find these terpene variance in some of the other phenos.

Stretch: 1-1.5x

Resin Profile: Copious Resin

Odour Score: 8

Odour Description: pine, peaches, citrus, honey/caramel, haze, vanilla and cherry

Flavour Score: 

Flavour Description: lime/peach gummies/haze/ spices

Potency Score: 8

High Type: uplifting buzz with a numbing sensation of the body.