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Originally crossed by Ronnie of 8-Mile Family Farms in Eastern Humboldt back in 2017, Zkittles and Blueberry Muffin were destined to meet and create a fruit cocktail of terpenes that will blow your mind. We knew that this was a cross worth perfecting into a stable and uniform seed line and three years later, after honing her sugary blossoming terpenes to match Hibiscus, the coveted Hawaiian state flower, she was finished. Selections occurred in the population several times, vigor and mold resistance were noted traits that seemed to abound within this accession and were easy to select for while maintaining optimal terps an appearance. Be prepared to have a great crop of Hibiscus T and demand should be high for this soothing smoke that also doesn’t make you too relaxed to still get shit done!

AKA: Mega-Hunt # B-Skit 127
GENETICS: Blueberry Muffin x Zkittles
% Indica/Sativa: 50% 50%
TYPE(S/H/I): Sativa Hybrid
Smell: Tropical Fruit Punch and Hibiscus Flowers
Flavors: Cherry and Mango
Appearance: Huge green and purple buds, sturdy vigorous plants
Effects: All around good times with Hibiscus T and similar to Blueberry Muffin it’s almost impossible to get paranoid   
Harvest Planning: 55 Days September t – October 15th
Growth: High yielding, flowers are dense and productive
Homozygous rating: 8
Average THC% 19-24 CBD% ND
Performance: Greenhouse / High, Dep / High, Outdoor / High, Indoor / R&D stage