Hawaiian Snow (fem) Prohibition Genetics


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Hawaiian Sativa x LaosSativa Dominant10 – 12 weeks19-23% THCLow (<2%)Relaxing / Cerebral /AnimatedFloral / Pine / EarthyAlpha-bisabolol / Alpha-pinene / Humele700 g/plant Indoor / 1200 g/plant Outdoor
This variety comes from the cross between a Hawaiian strain and a very special plant from Laos with pronounced Sativa traits. It is suitable for the LST method and other training techniques. A short growth period is recommended indoors dur to its final size. It is ready to harvest after 12 weeks of bloom, yielding around 700gr/m2. Outdoors, it is normally ripe by the last week of October, with harvests close to 1200gr/plant, of course depending on cultivation conditions. This variety is particularly recommended for equatorial and tropical areas, but also for temperate climates. The effect of this Sativa strain is long lasting, uplifting and social, ideal to chill with friends. It can also be used as anti depressant and to combat pain.
THC: 23%, CBD: 0.17%, CBN: 0.12%