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  • Filial Generation: F2

  • PVI (Phenotypic Variation Index):  Average

  • Indoor Flower Time: 49-59 days

  • Outdoor Harvest Date: Late Sept – early Oct

  • Trellising Requirements:  Below average

  • Height/Stretch: below average

  • Yield (per sf):   High

  • Color: Green to purple 

  • Nose:  White wine, strawberries and cream, astringent, notes of citrus

  • Effects: Long lasting and cerebral

  • Tips from the grower: Plants are typically squatty and bushy with large dense colas.  This structure requires adequate circulation (good airflow / planted in a well ventilated area).  Outdoor plants get huge and ripen early and fast.  

Notes: Back by popular demand, Gran Champagne was one of our original feminized releases. She developed a cult following and we have been getting requests for her ever since her initial release, particularly from outdoor cultivators. We hunted some winners in our outdoor phenohunt to bring you the best F2 imaginable.