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Gold Dropz by Compound Genetics’ is a new hybrid from Compounds’ Apples & Bananas’ line, that exhibits exceptional vigour alongside high-yielding plants with incredible terps & potency.

The mother is the Spritzer, a cross of the clone-only Runtz hybrid crossed to a Spritzer aka Grape Pie x Mac male, bred by Cannardo that packs exotic, delightful bubblegum and fruity notes that consistently lead to unbelievable solventless hash.

The Apples & Bananas pollinator adds new twists to the flavour with a heavy uplift in the pungent gas terps. Compound Genetics recommend making your selections on controlling bud structure, which can be prone to foxtail or growing too large if the irrigation is heavy during the vegetative stage.

This cross is slightly longer flowering, with most phenotypes finishing in 9-10 weeks.