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  • Lineage/Origins: Bad Girl, White Tahoe Cookies, Glue Sniffer

  • Type (Indica/Sativa): Indica Dominant

  • Filial Generation: F4

  • PVI (Phenotypic Variation Index): Below Average

  • First sign of flower in days:   20-25 days

  • Total life cycle in days: 78-88

  • Height: average to above average  

  • Yield Index (per sf): above average

  • Color: mostly green but occasionally develops a bluish to light purple color

  • Aroma/Nose: Botanicals of juniper and lavender; sweet but spicy. Hints of savory green onions, fumes, and gassy undertones. Though rare, some will express a grape candy flavor and aroma.

  • Effects: strong! Great body high accompanied by a head numbing tranquilizer effect

  • Notes: Go-Go was a product of trying to recreate Bad Girl in autoflower form.  The project veered off course but the results were nonetheless spectacular.  Her potent, mind altering effects certainly come from her ancestral Bad Girl genes.   Plants aren’t unruly and huge but buds can get quite large.