Glacial Guava 3 count fast fems GOAT Genetics

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Glacial Guava is a captivating cannabis strain. It showcases the best qualities of its parent strains, Original 89 ingemar White Widow and Double Guava Auto. This fast photoperiod hybrid does great indoor but shows it’s true potential when cultivated outdoors, thriving in various climates. Inheriting the White Widow’s robust structure and yield and Double Guava’s vigorous growth, quick flower times and above average pathogen and pest resistance.

Glacial Guava offers a unique and distinct aroma that is sure to captivate your senses. The buds emit a pungent and gassy scent, reminiscent of a tropical guava grove veiled in a layer of frost. The combination of these fragrance notes creates a captivating experience that is both alluring and invigorating.
With its robust outdoor performance and potent aromatic profile, Glacial Guava promises to become a sought-after strain for cannabis enthusiasts. Whether you’re seeking creative inspiration, relaxation, or simply looking to unwind, Glacial Guava is a versatile strain that offers a little something for everyone.
Genotype – photo sensitive hybrid/ short version photoperiod
Lineage – 89 Ingemar White Widow X Double Guava auto
THC – 22 – 24%
Flower time- 6 – 8 weeks
Grow method – indoor/outdoor
Yield- High
Resistance to mold – High
Resistance to pests – High
Medical value – Very high
Taste – gassy guava
Effect – Relaxing, Creative
Short version fast photoperiod strains are perfect for growers who want to ensure that their outdoor crop is safely harvested and hanging to dry as early as possible in the season. With this type of seed, cultivators can have the best characteristics of both types of seed, with the hybrid vigour of photoperiod seeds alongside the ridiculously fast flowering times of automatic plants. This enables outdoor growers to pull off big harvests ahead of the rest, not only beating the bad weather in early autumn but also making sure they keep one step ahead of nosey neighbours, over-enthusiastic police or potential weed thieves.