Gellyz – (Gelonade x Slapz) Seeds 25ct Regs


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  • Gelonade is a cross of the Lemon Tree and Gelato 41. The top reported aromas of the Gelonade strain are maple syrup, lemon, and pepper. It is said to taste of blueberries, cookies, and citrus. Winning 1st place in the Cannabis Cup for Best Sativa flower, the judges raved of its tangy, floral and gassy scent and citrusy floral taste.
  • Slapz: The selection came from a cross between Runtz and Grease Monkey. This mostly indica cannabis strain is highly potent and has an interesting lineage. Additionally, some consumers have reported the strain to produce a heavy diesel pine taste and have a pungent piney smell.

Ratio: Hybrid

Flowering: 56-60 +- days