Family Jewels (10 pack)


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The Family Jewels was a “crown jewel” of the 2018 Humboldt Seed Company’s Collaborative 10k Plant Phenotype Mega-Hunt. This very distinct expression of a cross that produced many wonderful plants with varying attributes absolutely stood out above the rest! The selection of this cutting has a story worth telling. Blessed Coast Farms, the home of Humboldt’s “Grow Sisters” collective had received nearly 1,000 of our Phenotype Hunt seedlings in spring of 2018 with the intention of working collectively with our effort. We went to that farm several times to check on their progress and finally, to take two cuttings/clones from every plant. The clones were labeled accordingly in the tray to the plant from which they were cut. As it turned out we had made two errors in determining the sex of the 1k seedlings and on a visit, we had to remove a couple male plants and unintentionally altered the track and trace/clone label numbers as they corresponded to the clone trays. When we identified the undeniably special nature of the one original Family Jewels plant in the field we had to be absolutely sure we had the exact correct clone but the label mishap had provided some doubt. We submitted both tissue from the target “Family Jewels” plant in the field and the 5 clones that were most likely “the clone” of the target to a genetics lab that used the same genomics assays used by the FBI to tie shipments of cannabis to growers. Over two grand in lab work later we were thrilled when we found a match! The Family Jewels strain was alive and well back in our Phenotype Mega-Hunt selection library! The trichome density on this strain was uncanny, almost like a creamy coating of cannabinoids all over the flowers/sugar leaves and the terpene profile was equally rewarding and powerful. The Purple hues behind the unbelievable tricome coating make this an absolute beauty whether grown indoor or out. The effects stay true to sativa, uplifting, creative and energetic. Growth is somewhat wide and viney as sativa’s tend to be in veg, but the stems are strong and once flowering begins the growth goes straight up producing ideal colas dripping with cannabinoids and likely rich in Cannaflavins, the anti-inflammatory compounds that deserve much further research for their healing properties. We’re not greedy folks so we can’t wait to share our Family Jewels with the world. We think everyone will want this vigorous, easy to grow, trichome covered anomaly for their grow and their pipes, once the words out!

GENETICS: Lost Coast Lemons x Old Growth OG, Selected from 10k plants

% Indica/Sativa: 20% 80%

TYPE(S/H/I): Sativa

Smell: Sweet Lime and Fuel / Very Pungent / High Terpene Content 

Flavors: Key Lime, Pine and Sour Diesel Terps

Appearance: Green Flowers with Purple Tones, Chosen for Uncanny Trichome Density 

Effects:  Uplifting and Ethereal, Creative and Energizing 

Flowering Time: 55-60 Days, Outdoor Harvest: Sep 25- Oct 15

THC% 21-28 CBD% ND CBG% ND THCV% ?

Growth: Vigorous, Internodal: Disconnected, Density: Dense