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All other major agricultural crops grown in the world today have the benefits of hundreds of years of modern breeding practices. Even the basics of plant genetics and breeding like Mendel’s Law haven’t exactly been able to be applied to cannabis properly, mostly due to prohibition. The terms F1,2,3 etc… get thrown around a lot in cannabis breeding but really most available seed lines are actually polyhybrids meaning that their genes are full of variations that will show in their offspring. An F1 Hybrid actually refers to the crossing of populations that do not have those variations. True F1 Hybrid seeds will display both hybrid vigor and uniformity. Most major crop seed grown in the world today take advantage of this methodology. To create real F1 Hybrid seed you need two highly inbred populations and those two populations need to complement each other’s traits. For this seed we’ve used our best, highly inbred O.G. Kush and our best, inbred Royal Highness. These strains complement each other in many ways and stay true to the ever popular O.G. Kush genre.


AKA: (True Breeding F1) Friendly O.G.

GENETICS: Humboldt Reserve OG x Royal Highness

% Indica/Sativa: 60% 40%

TYPE(S/H/I): Indica Hybrid

Smell: Gassy and Piney

Flavors: Classic OG

Appearance:  Silver and Green Frosty, refreshed vigor

Effects: Really strong – couch lock likely  

Harvest Planning: 55 Days September 25 – October 10

Growth: Very high yielding, flowers are dense and productive

Homozygous rating 9

Average THC% 22-27 CBD% ND

Performance: Greenhouse / High, Dep / High, Outdoor / High, Indoor / High

Early girl terpene profile