Durban Poison (fem) Prohibition Genetics


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African Sativa 55 – 65 days 13-16% THC Low (<2%) Depression / Fatigue / Stress Earthy / Pine / Sweet Terpinolene / Beta Caryophyllene / Alpha Humulene / Limonene / Linalool / Beta Myrcene / Alpha Pinene up to 450g/m² Indoor / 500-600 g/plant Outdoor
Durban Poison feminized seeds are very special because they have a deep history that lives on in many other strains, songs, movies, and through word of mouth—passed on from one generation of smokers to the next.
This landrace strain is a cult classic that was “discovered” in the early 70s, close to Durban (the second-largest port city in South Africa).
DP is about as Sativa as you can get, from the plants’ enormous size to its buds’ stimulating and long-lasting heady high, devoid of any laziness or fatigue.
Durban Poison is rightly referred to as the “espresso of strains” because it’s one of the best to jump-start your day as it increases productivity. Our “barista” tips will help you whip up thicker trichome foams from your DP cultivar!