DBKB (Durbanberry King Band) (16 pack – Reg)


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Also known as Durban Berry King band, this strain represents a harmonious marriage of citrus and fuel, euphoria and sedation, aggressiveness and vigor.  OBKB is a perfect hybrid for those who love to grow sativas but smoke indicas. This is an extremely prolific strain that is sure to outgrow almost any space it is provided with.  In both indoor and outdoor gardens, plants are teaming with bouquets of large soda-can sized colas.

From the Breeder:  

Ogreberry King Band, the mother to DBKB, was bred by good friends of ours and veteran growers from Happy Day farms in Mendocino County. It is an insanely aggressive strain descending from Ogre Kush, Strawberry Kush, Royal Kush, and Headband. Once we started experimenting with Orange Durban, another variety we obtained from a local breeder, we noticed striking similarities in the growth pattern and vigor of the two strains
and decided to unify the genetics.

From the Grower:  

DBKB can be summed up in a few words: aggressive, hardy, dominant, and potent.  This is a fun strain to grow and perfect for hobbyists and professionals alike. She has mold resistant genetics and structure but you still have to be careful because of the sheer massiveness of the buds.  She is definitely a stretcher and trellising is usually required. She loves plenty of fertilizer and root space and does great in high heat environments. 


Type: Sativa Dominant

Lineage: OgreBerry King Band x Orange Durban)

Yield: High to Extra High

Flower Time: ~10 Weeks