Dark Hollow 10ct Regular Irie Genetics


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Dark hollow makes branchy plants that double in height before harvest. Some phenotypes show dark colors and some stay green throughout the flowering cycle. The darker phenotypes finish earlier than the brighter phenotypes. Some phenotypes will produce giant leaves. If these giant leaves are droopy for no reason it is a trait from the Daybreaker grandparent and is not a reason for concern. Dark Hollow can tolerate high temperatures and low humidity. Darkhollow likes heavy feedings and low pH. Watch for nitrogen deficiencies early in flower. Kelp products will enhance the funky aromas and density of the finished product. Dark Hollow will pack on weight in the last two weeks of harvest so be prepared for top heavy buds that require support.
Flowering Time: 63-77 Days
Yield: Generous Yields
Potency: 30%+ THC-A
Effects: Stoned, Faded, Couch Lock, Sedated, Munchies
Aroma and Flavor: Garlic, Gas, Fresh Tires, Coffee, Hints of Mothballs
*Available in regular seeds only.