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Mz Jill Genetics – Chiroptera Kush Feminized

Bat Girl x Purple Afghan! Kush

6 Feminized Seeds Per Pack

Bat Girl is a phenotype of Jack’s Cleaner Blueberry made by Subcool in the mid to late 90s.

Smell- Sweet mixed berries. Like Blueberry syrup or Crunch Berry cereal.

Flavor- Blueberry Grape with lemon citrus undertones.

Appearance- Medium to tall plant with foliage ranging from green to burgundy and black. The buds are solid, resin covered with beautiful colors ranging from greenish purple to dark purple.

She is a lanky tall plant with beautiful foliage and/or buds with a range of hues from golden to burgundy to a dark purple, almost black. She has solid buds with a average to heavy yield. The smell & flavor range from a blueberry pancake to a grape/mix berry syrup, with citrus undertones.