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CBD OG – 6 Pack

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CBD OG comes from Lion’s Tabernacle and Jamaican Lion is the mother of Lion’s Tabernacle. Jamaican Lion is a multiple CBD Cannabis Cup award winner and Lion’s Tabernacle won the CBD cup for us. We crossed the Lion’s Tabernacle, (which is a 9-14% CBD strain from our associates at Rare Ganja Genetics) with our SFV OG IBL male for our reg seeds and our female seeds are crossed with Tahoe OG S1. That created the CBD OG which we’ve had reports of really high CBD ratios in concentrates, up to and over 70% CBD. She is a solid producer with great buds, they yield very high CBD and THC, almost a 2-1 ratio.


Strain: Hybrid Lineage: Lion’s Tabernacle x SFV OG IBL

Seeds: Fem & Reg
Fem seeds- Fem seeds- Lion’s Tabernacle x Tahoe OG S1
Reg seeds- Lion’s Tabernacle x SFV OG IBL
Yield: Large
Flowering Time: 60-68 Days
Awards: 2015- “High CBD Flower”, 1st Place, High Times Cannabis Cup San Fran