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Blue Raspberry Truffle 10ct regs

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Blue Raspberry Truffle
(Blueberry Cookies X Arise)
(10) Regular M/F seeds per pack.
Blue Raspberry Truffle makes giant buds that smell like blue raspberry suckers coated in truffle sauce. The funky sour candy terps from the Blue Berry Cookies female combine with the sweetness and OG Kush/Chem flavors from the Arise male to make Sour, Tart, Sweet, Earthy, Chocolate terps that confuse your taste buds in the best ways.

Most of the phenotypes that come from Blue Raspberry Truffle are tall plants with strong branching and a stout Christmas tree structure. Be prepared for tall plants with big buds that require support. Purple petioles and purple leaves are common in some phenotypes and not a cause for concern. Lower temperatures in flower will bring out the colors. Blue Raspberry Truffle grows quickly and can take heavy feedings. Some phenotypes with darker leaves prefer low pH. The most obvious phenotypical variation will be in bud density and aroma. The more dense buds have more earthy tones and the less dense buds will carry more blueberry and tart aromas.

Blue Raspberry Truffle is my recommendation for “most unique terps” in my lineup.

Flowering Time: 60-70 Days
Yields: Generous Yields
Potency: 25-30%THC-A
Effects: A perfect balance of an indica body stone and a euphoric head buzz
Flavors and Aromas: Tart, Sweet, Sour, Candy, Blue Raspberry Lollipops, Earthy, Kush, Truffles, Dark Chocolate