Blood Orange Kush x Slapz 25ct Regs

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Blood Orange Kush x Slapz

The BOK x Slapz is a quick flowering plant. All phenos retain the citral orange terps as well as the earthy kush essence. It is a fun and easy plant to grow.

Blood Orange Kush (BOK) is an indica-dominant cross of Aota x Pinecracker and an unnamed OG. The dense, trichome-covered nugs are prized for their bright terpene profile and heavy effects. The BOK is a very fast flowering variety, almost a semi-auto. It will usually be completely finished by early September.

Slapz: Runtz x Grease Monkey. This mostly indica cannabis strain is highly potent and has an interesting lineage. Additionally, some have reported a heavy diesel pine taste and have a pungent piney smell.