Black Blue Magoo V112ct Regs WITH DYNASTY FREEBIE


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Black Blue Magoo-V1  (purple punch x blue heron 111)  hands down, one of the best purple punch hybrids we’ve bred or grown.

The blue heron meshes perfectly with the fruity punch profiles but also adds a bit more kick with its potency increase.  Expect easy to grow, dark purple/maroon and almost black on most of the plants. Excellent hash plant for solventless extractions, but only problem may be sifting through the nearly infinite keepers in the genepool.  8-9 week bloom time

Pheno 1- Heavy blue magoo traits with dominant lavender/ rose profile, undertones of fruit punch and turns dark purple upon ripening in all environments.  Asymmetrical Zig zag branching after being cloned. 8-8.5wk bloom time.

Pheno 2- 50/50 expressions that has a nearly perfect blend of both parents and has a checkered fade in the calyxes similar to a “Cheshire Cat” color pattern. Tart fruit, slight gas and floral undertones of rose/lavender and anise. 8.5wk.

Pheno 3- great mix of both parents and slightly leaning towards punch with an additional lavender undertone. Perfect selection for production facilities. Easy to grow, low nutrient requirements, 2x stretch and 9 week bloom time.

Pheno 4-  punch leaner that exhibits tighter internode spacing and higher potency than the mom. Fast bloom time, green buds with highlights of maroon and violet. 8-8.5 week bloom. (Keeper #4 from our hybrids and parent of the Black Watermelon).