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Tropicanna Punch Bx1 15ct regs Oni Seed Company



This BX was made using Trop Punch 6, the outlier of both my initial test groups. The majority had an earthen, grape flavor but the 6 reeked of artifical strawberry and was pink instead of dark purple. She is the mother of this BX and her progeny have a delicious mix of strawberries, candy grape and blue sports drink flavors and aromas. Testers report the average flower time to be 63 days with most being light-medium feeders. Zero intersex traits were noted across all testers. There are much more TP6 dominant phenos in these than we saw in the orginal cross, combined with reports of increased vigor, flavor and overall quality in the BX has made this a total success. Best of all, this girl dumps in the Solventless hash department with many phenotypes yielding 4-5% returns post press.