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Stuck in Mendo is the perfect marriage of two heavy hitting strains.  We crossed our infamous Glue Sniffer male with one of our favorite flower production strains, Mendo Breath.  The rich, earthy smell of the Mendo Breath coupled with the pungent vapors from the Glue Sniffer make this one a crowd favorite.  

From the Breeder

We have always loved growing Mendo Breath and we wanted to see how she would do coupled with one of our frostiest and gassiest favorites.  Neither parent seemed to dominate the gene pool. The structure is closer to Mendo Breath but most of the phenotypes tend to have the gassy nose from Glue Sniffer. 

From the Head Grower

Stuck in Mendo tends to finish in about 9 weeks.  The yield is far above average. Her height and internodal spacing tend to be slightly above average.  She exhibits large elongated colas similar to Mendo Breath. She is not a difficult strain to grow but be sure to give her enough vegetative time to build up solid stalk and root infrastructure.  If you do, expect massive yields similar to properly grown Mendo Breath. Tests are currently underway on outdoor cultivation. 


Type: Hybrid Regular Seeds

Lineage: Mendo Breath x Glue Sniffer

Flower Time: 8-10 Weeks