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Mycotek Seeds – GG4 IBL

GG4 x GG4 Bx6

Indica 70/30

THC: 26% – 29%

Flower Cycle: 58-66 days

Yield: Heavy

10 regular seeds per pack

GG4 Inbred Line: For this project we took the Original GG4 mom back in 2015 and outcrossed her to 3 Chems from Top Dawg Seeds. We then inbred the line over the years back to the 4 clone 7 more times in order to achieve a Bx7 with a greater than 99 percent recovery of the GG4’s original genetics. You can expect very uniform plants on the taller side from this IBL. They will be uncannily similar to the GG4 clone only. The plants will be highly potent, covered in resin, with a heavy yield, and intoxicating aromas reminiscent of gas and Kush