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Glazed Cherry Pie (G.O.A.T GENETICS)

Glazed Cherries x Cherry Pie
FLOWER TIME: 9-10 weeks
50/50 Hybrid
THC: 27%
Cherry, Gassy, Sweet
 Glaze cherry pie is definitely a G.O.A.T GENETICS flagship strain and in my opinion our best creation to date.
GCP is extremely resilient to all climates and nearly indestructible which makes it a great plant for beginners.. It’s one of those plants that stays green even when all the other plants in the room are having problems. It’s an extremely resinous, high yielder that is great for training, I recommend a net because these buds will get very heavy.
Glazed Cherry Pie is a delightful and unique cannabis strain that combines the irresistible flavors of cherries and gas. Its name aptly captures the essence of this exceptional hybrid strain. Developed by G.O.A.T GENETICS, Glazed Cherry Pie has gained popularity for its delicious taste and potent effects.
The scent of Glazed Cherry Pie is immediately recognizable, with fruity notes reminiscent of ripe cherries and a subtle hint of gas, providing a truly irresistible aromatic experience. The delicate balance between these two distinct profiles creates a uniquely enjoyable fragrance that entices the senses.
Upon consumption, Glazed Cherry Pie delivers a truly delightful experience. The taste is rich and flavorful, like biting into a freshly baked cherry pie with a mysterious twist. The sweet and tangy cherry notes dominate the palate, while the subtle notes of gas add depth and complexity to the overall flavor profile. This combination creates a sensational flavor that is both enjoyable and memorable.
In terms of effects, Glazed Cherry Pie offers a balanced and harmonious experience. It is known for inducing a euphoric and uplifting head high that enhances creativity and promotes a positive mindset. Simultaneously, the strain also provides a relaxing body buzz that helps soothe tension and induce a sense of calm. Glazed Cherry Pie is well-suited for both daytime and evening use, giving users the flexibility to enjoy its effects at any time.
Whether you are a cannabis connoisseur searching for an exquisite flavor experience or a recreational user seeking a well-rounded high, Glazed Cherry Pie is an excellent choice. Its tantalizing taste, combining the sweetness of cherries with a touch of gas, and its balanced effects make it a sought-after strain among enthusiasts. Discover the delightful world of Glazed Cherry Pie, where cherries meet gas and create an unforgettable cannabis experience.