Critical Neville Haze Auto 5 pack


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We present Critical Neville Haze Auto (DS1), the most sativa auoflowering strain in our collection and with a sweet metallic taste that will blow all of your senses and a resin production higher than most other auto strains, above all with respect to cannabinoid concentration.

We’re very grateful to the guys at World of Seeds who lent us quite a few Neville Haze Auto seeds, a strain they’d been developing for more than 3 years. And we took advantage of their hard work and crossed it with our own Il Diavolo (DS8) Auto.

The result is what we believe to be the most complete auto in our bank; 90% sativa dominant with a very special 10% indica twist from the Il Diavolo (DS8) that seems to get lost in the cross but which noticeably shortens the flowering stage of the Neville Auto, cutting the total life cycle and making the height more suitable for indoor growing.

The plant will grow during 4 weeks after germination and will flower during 70 to 75 days more when it’ll be ready for harvest and to give you unique and undescribable pleasure.

The taste is the same as Neville Haze but with a hint of Critical that characterizes our normal feminized version and makes it so special while bud and trichome production levels are very high for an auto-flowering strain.

Sex Feminised
Genotype Sativa Auto
THC 21%
Lineage Critical Mass Auto x Neville Haze Auto
Grow method Indoors/Outdoors
Life Cycle 80 to 85 days
Yield 600g/m2 indoors. // 250g per plant outdoors
Resistance to mold High
Resistance to pests High
Taste Metallic, sweet
Odour level High
Effect Euphoric